SISHA (South East Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities) is a registered Australian not-for-profit organisation and Deductable Gift Recipient that strives to ensure justice for victims of human trafficking, oppression and exploitation. Founder Steve Morrish and his team work in Cambodia and across Southeast Asia, where human rights abuses are among the highest in the world. As they continue to expand their operations in Southeast Asia, they are relying more and more on the support of global minded individuals and corporate citizens. It is possible to be the generation that ends modern day slavery and the exploitation and abuse of human beings that goes with it.

The statistics

  • 20.9 million people are enslaved, half of them are children and the vast majority are female.
  • Women and young girls are trafficked to Thailand and Malaysia for forced prostitution and exploitative labour as domestic workers.
  • Cambodian children are trafficked to sell candy, flowers and shoe shining services, or for forced begging, waste scavenging, salt production, brick making and quarrying.
  • Cambodia is ranked among the 10 most corrupt countries in the world, with very few human trafficking investigations or prosecutions made.

Sources – U.S. Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report 2010, Forbes magazine March 2009

The vision

SISHA is working to create a world in which everyone can live free from oppression and abuse. As human trafficking is a global issue that often crosses international borders, SISHA regularly coordinates work in South East Asian countries outside Cambodia.

The Board

SISHA’s work has garnered the support of a wide group of respected professionals who also believe in the importance of the cause and come together to form the Board and Expert Advisory Group.

Members include:

  • James McMahon; Managing Director, Chauvel Group
  • Gina Rinehart; Executive Chairperson & Director, Hancock Prospecting
  • Ben Lisle; Director and co-founder of Linc Property and
  • James With; actor and producer.

Dine for Life’s support

“The issues that SISHA deals with to save vulnerable lives are raw and confronting. Very few people want to face that fact, which makes obtaining funding one of our biggest challenges and makes us hugely grateful for Dine for Life’s support. Helping a complete stranger is one of the greatest acts of humanity and while you may not fully appreciate the difference you make, the countless people whose lives you changed will never forget.” Steve Morrish – Founder & Executive Director of SISHA

Funds Raised

SISHA’s Raids and Rescues is the most funding strapped area within SISHA and needs urgent support. As they grow and become known in the wider demographics, SISHA receive more and more calls from victims for help. “The most heartbreaking part of our job is having to turn victims away due to a lack of funding. In the last 20 days we have received over 23 cases of child abuse, human trafficking and exploitation. Typically is costs $1,000 to conduct an investigation, provide critical aftercare and trauma counseling, and support both the victim and the family with legal services.” Steve Morrish

Dine for Life Founders

“With the world evolving into one community, this is an issue that’s far too great to ignore. Bonded labour, sex trafficking and exploitation in one part of the world is penetrating our own backyard. We are not immune, but we are not powerless. By raising awareness and supporting SISHA who are addressing the problem at its source, we can all help bring about changes that need to be made.”