Justice and Care

Justice&Care_LogoWhite_Mid_Res_RGBAs we prepare and launch our first ever event in 2014, Dine for Life London are proud to be supporting the Justice and Care who are committed to ending modern-day slavery. This highly effective international human rights organisation, works to tackle the issue of human trafficking and slavery.  Justice and Care rescues and supports women and children who are trapped in slavery. They actively prosecute those who’ve exploited them and work with law enforcement and governments to prevent these crimes.
Modern-day slavery and human trafficking is an issue that’s far too great to ignore.  There are an estimated 27million people trapped in slavery and around half of these are children.  By becoming aware and supporting Dine for Life you are helping bring about transformational change.
Join our vision of a world where everyone can live free from oppression and abuse.
Justice and Care

Saving Lives

Breaking the Cycle of Crime

Justice and Care is an international human rights organisation that rescues and supports victims of human trafficking and slavery.  We work with the government and international law enforcement agencies to prevent trafficking, locate missing people, rescue women and children sold into slavery and prosecute the criminals who have exploited them.

Our impact

Since Justice and Care began in 2008 we have:

  • Rescued 821 trafficked women and children
  • Had 412 criminals arrested
  • Supported over 440 women and children in our victim protection programme
  • Trained over 4500 police officers, public prosecutors and community leaders

A global issue

  • There are more than 27 million people trapped in modern-day slavery.  80% of them being exploited as sexual slaves
  • The average trafficking age of a victim is 12 years old and 75% of those sold are women and children.
  • Human trafficking is one of the most lucrative forms of organised crimes.