Dine for Life Kick-off Meeting


Walking into the Dine for Life event committee meeting on 27 July, you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a cocktail party.

Smartly dressed Perthites were sipping local chardonnay and mingling over cheese and nibbles, amidst the decadent furnishings of the EGAMI STYLE headquarters – a place that is impossible to be overdressed for!

A business meeting accompanied by wine and cheese perfectly captured the essence of Dine for Life’s mission and its attraction for so many: the opportunity to mix business with pleasure, do-gooding and networking.

The success of last May’s Autumn Dinner inspired Dine for Life founders Natasha Di Ciano and Andjelka Matic to dream bigger. Determined to make this dinner even more successful than the last, they assembled a team of 19 young, enthusiastic professionals who were eager to offer their skills for a good cause.

The night’s meeting offered us all (well, the 13 of us who could attend, that is) a chance to get acquainted. As each individual talked about their background and contribution to the Dine for Life team, it became apparent that collectively we have a wealth of experience and passion – boding very well for the upcoming Summer Dinner in December!

It also became clear that the next few months are going to be hard work – liaising with the charity, restaurants, wineries and venues; selling 100 tickets that will raise $15,000 for a deserving cause; collaborating with sponsors and the media; and spreading the word about what a fantastic idea we all think Dine for Life is.

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