Escape to the Mediterranean


The best Italian meals are home cooked and shared by friends in an intimate, cosy atmosphere. That’s exactly the experience Albasio La Pegna creates at his newly refurbished Rialto’s – a Subiaco institution and one of the ten restaurants on board for Dine for Life’s Summer Dinner.

In a recent interview, Albasio told us, “I would like them to feel what we at Rialto’s try to project: a 100% Mediterranean feel at an eatery that makes you feel like you’re stepping away from your world and entering into another.”

The Summer Dinner diners lucky enough to be placed at Rialto’s are in for a treat, as Rialto’s food reflects the multicultural melting pot of his hometown of Naples – featuring flavours ranging from Southern Italian to French to Arabic to Spanish.

Albasio is devising a special menu for the big night. He told us he wants “to do something that offers a real Mediterranean experience, a Mediterranean banquet: a selection of light appetisers, of all different textures, flavours and colours, followed by a main course.”

Is your mouth watering? Yeah, ours too.


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