A Cherry Ripe-flavoured finale


Attendees of past events will tell you that the vibe of a Dine for Life after party is joyously effervescent and celebratory. After all, what better reason is there for celebrating than having raised funds for a deserving local charity?

This year, however, guests will be met with a very different scene when they arrive at the top-secret after party venue of the Spring Dinner in Perth: a battle scene.

The Cocktail Gastronomy team have pitted founders Adam Keane and Daniel Sterpini in an epic head-to-head face-off of bartender vs chef. The winner will be he who creates the most innovative – and delicious – cocktail or dessert version of the Aussie favourite Cherry Ripe by using Great Southern Vodka from the Great Southern Distilling Company in Albany.

Perth’s restaurants are not including dessert in their meals to allow this good-natured (and delicious) battle to mark the end of the meal and the start of the party.

The Cocktail Gastronomy boys are hardly novices when it comes to pairing cocktails with cuisine – in fact it’s their specialty. With more than 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, this pair has created a one-of-a-kind business.

“We specialise in high-end catering of standing degustation of cocktails and canapés,” says Daniel Sterpini. “We’re the only ones in the world who do it as a small business.”

Their clients are people who want something different, fresh, modern and fun. And that’s exactly what Dine for Life diners have experienced in the last two events that Cocktail Gastronomy was involved in. The Autumn Dinner 2010 featured a lemon meringue theme and last December’s Summer Dinner 2010 saw the scrumptious pairing of Summer Spice Ice Tea accompanied by a Caramelised Peach Brioche.

So what has inspired Cocktail Gastronomy to come on board for a third Dine for Life dinner? Adam Keane says that while the catering company is asked to volunteer their time for a number of events, they prefer to help with those that are most meaningful to them.

“It’s great to get involved with Dine for Life because it helps a different cause each time. The causes that Natasha and Andjelka choose for each event have been fantastic,” Daniel adds. “It’s a great night as well.”

We at Dine for Life are pleased that Daniel and Adam have had the time to be involved with the Spring Dinner since they are currently busy with some exciting news. The duo is planning on opening a small bar in North Perth by the end of 2011 that will be the home base of Cocktail Gastronomy. Called The Classroom, the bar will have a retro fit-out of old school desks and chalkboards. Having a capacity of just 95, the bar is sure to have a cosy atmosphere and, naturally, a very delicious menu.

Daniel explains, “We were originally looking for an office, as a base of operations, but we came across this space and as we were standing in it, we went, ‘This is our bar’. For us, the best office IS a small bar.”

We have a feeling The Classroom will be the location of some mouth-watering culinary battles.