Small Bar, Big Heart


Western Australia’s burgeoning small bar scene is spreading. No longer confined to Perth’s trendiest neighbourhoods, these establishments are sprouting up all over the state – to the delight of local tipple-loving foodies.

Boho Bar is one such small bar that sprung up in Margaret River in February. This stylish wine bar-cum restaurant offers a cosy, intimate dining experience and sets itself apart from the larger restaurants and wineries the region is famous for.

Masterminds behind this stylish watering hole are Darkhorse Developments, best known for their wildly successful small bars The Cabin in Mount Lawley and The Suite in Shenton Park.

Residents of Margaret River and tourists alike have welcomed the new addition, likely due to the restaurant’s dedication to showcasing the region’s best produce on their evergreen menu and wine list. Brendon Aitken, managing director of Darkhorse Developments says, “Our focus is on simplicity, using local produce. With the quality of produce available in the South West, it gives us the opportunity to frequently change the menu.”

The culinary artist responsible for keeping the menu fresh and delicious is head chef Dominic Grundy. His decade of experience was gained in Michelin starred restaurants in London and Paris, working under renowned chefs such as French chef Michel Roux Jnr. Grundy’s European influences and creativity shine through in the food he creates. “Our menu has a traditional French influence fused with modern British,” Aitken explains. “We change the menu every month and don’t carry over any dishes.”

Boho Bar is so more than just a gourmet wine bar. Integral to Boho Bar’s mission statement is the dedication to support local charities, which is why Aitken says the small bar jumped at the opportunity to get involved with Dine for Life’s Spring Dinner. “We really wanted to give something back to the community and the charities Dine for Life supports are fantastic and do great work. We love the directors and their philosophies!”

The feeling is mutual.