We have selected the charity!


The recipient of the 2011 Spring Dinner is…People Who Care!

It was such a difficult decision to choose just one charity out of all of the worthy organisations that applied to be the recipients of our 2011 Spring Dinner.

This cause resonated so deeply with us at Dine for Life because it is of such great concern that in today’s society and in our own prosperous community, the elderly and frail are being subjected to living their lives below poverty level.

People Who Care is a not-for-profit volunteer based agency whose aim is to look after the frail aged, younger people with disabilities, carers and other people in need. People Who Care has 37 staff supported by 300 weekly volunteers, 1000 youth volunteers and 12 corporate volunteer groups. People Who Care are commited to their mission of “realising a caring community where people who are able, look after those in need.”

People Who Care recently launched its first fundraising program ‘Power a Pensioner’. This program is about helping Perth’s frail aged, who rely solely on the pension not be forgotten or left behind in extreme poverty. As a community over the last three years we are all aware of the increased cost of living. Utilities have increased by 30%, as has transport, mortgages, rents and food costs. Yet for those reliant on an aged pension with no real increase to pensions, life has become a battle of survival.

Unlike many other problems in our community, this is one we really can put a stop to and ensure a brighter future for our elderly, frail and disabled.

For details on the 2011 Spring Dinner click here!